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We will be offering the following category of advertisements:

  1. Push Down Banner
  2. Slide in from the left
  3. Slide in from the top after 2 seconds, Autoclose after 5 seconds
  4. Slides in from the right after 3 seconds
  5. Slides in from the bottom
  6. Click to open youtube video
  • Banner Ads
  • Pop Up
  • Pop Up Under
  • Text Link
  • Channel / Sub site Sponsorship
  • Top banner
  • Right Banner
  • Middle Banner
  • Tower Banner – (Left and right side of site )
  • TV banner ( Visual Advertisements )
Pop Up
  • Pop Up ads are given on main home page.
Pop Up Under
  • Pop Up Under ads are given on inner pages like products category page, product detail page etc.
Text Link
  • Text Links are given on main home page .